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These are the rules that our coaches enforce for YOUR safety and those of your TEAMMATES
  • Stay at home if you feel ill on the day of class.

  • Enter only through the main door and only bring your own water bottle that returns home with you after class. Don’t share water bottles.

  • Always bring your loaned fencing equipment with you to class.  After class, take it home and keep clean for the next time.

  • Remain in your own area and handle only your own equipment.

  • Warm up before class

  • Wear proper attire (mask, glove, white jacket, knickers or long pants, and underarm protector).    NO SHORTS!

  • Make sure your strip surface is clear of all debris to prevent trips, slips, or falls.

  • NO HORSEPLAY or running.  Don’t attempt to make contact with someone who is bouting on another strip or cross a strip where bouting is occurring.  

  • Never enter the strip area without wearing your fencing mask or point a weapon at anyone that is not wearing a fencing mask. Always wear your mask when bouting or taking lessons and only bout when a coach is present.

  • Fencing equipment (less weapons) will be issued to beginning fencers while supplies last.  Fencers must bring their loaned equipment to class every time and then take it home after class.  It is the fencer’s responsibility to keep the equipment clean, dry, and safe outside of class.

  • If you quit class, take your equipment home one last time, clean, and return to Coach Grace at the next class. Fencing masks can be sprayed with Lysol and aired out in the sun, but should NOT be washed by anyone but Coach Grace. Fabric gloves and jackets are to be washed individually and gently. Do not wash whites with other colors.  Leather gloves are to be sprayed by Lysol only. Sterilized weapons will be kept on site and cleaned by Coach Grace after class with Lysol.

  • Inspect your weapons and protective equipment prior to bouting. Ask for a replacement if there is something wrong with your weapon (missing rubber tip, blade not uniform, or missing screw).  

  • Fencing equipment costs about $150 per set.  While using loaned equipment that is not yours, take care not to forcefully damage it.  You will be responsible to pay for equipment you lose, damage, or do not return.

  • Upon completion of beginning class, if fencers wish to continue and join the intermediate class, they need to buy their own equipment.  The club does NOT sell equipment, but Coach Grace can give you guidance on where to purchase it.

  • When releasing the fencer's end of the reel, NEVER allow the cord to snap back to the reel. 

  • Everyone should take a part in picking up and putting away equipment at the end of class. Leave our space and storage area clean and neat.

  • Follow the direction of coaches, assistant coaches, and volunteers. If a problem should arise, please speak privately with Coach Grace so she can address it.

  • Fencers will not be allowed to leave unless the parents or guardian are physically present to pick them up.

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