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United States of america fencing


The governing body of US fencing. On this web site you can find a lot of information on national level events and competitions, such as national championships and the North America Cup, as well as all relevant manuals and documents related to the sport of fencing.


south texas DIVISION

is the governing organization of the USA Fencing that oversees the area we fence in.


US Fencing Coaches Association 

An organization that strives to provide resources, education, training and certification to US fencing coaches.

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Equipment Vendors 

A list of most of the companies that you can purchase fencing equipment from.

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Federation Internationale d'Escrime 

A governing body of international fencing. Here you will find a lot of useful information about international competitions, both future and historical results, ratings of athletes in any category as well as national teams, a link to the online edition of International “Escrime” magazine (the official magazine of FIE), different news and more.


Fencing news, online community, guides, and equipment reviews. is the best and oldest resource for beginners learning the sport.

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lists the registration and results of all USFA tournaments.

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