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A Little Bit of Our History

Started in the 1970's between Texas State University (at the time Southwest Texas State University), the Univ. of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University, SWIFA quickly became a venue for friendly rivalries between many of the Texas schools.  In the early 2000's, SWIFA expanded to include Oklahoma University and was quickly followed by Tulane and Louisiana State University out of Louisiana.  At one point, even the University of New Mexico joined in! 

At times, SWIFA has disappeared (Pandemic anyone?) but has always managed to resurrect itself because collegiate fencers love fencing and desired a chance to have their clubs bring home the coveted Grand Champion award to their respective Recreational Sports Departments.

SWIFA has also helped foster participation in the US Collegiate Fencing Association wherein many of SWIFA's top placing universities went on to national recognition.


The SWIFA Board consists of members from the fencing community who volunteer their time and are annually elected by the general membership.

(Currently, the position of ARMORER is an appointed position by the Board due to its specific requirements.)

This group is responsible for enforcing all the rules and regulations of the organization, and ensuring, to the best of their ability, a fair playing field for all schools.

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